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Honeycomb is a way of feeling. A slow mindless space has been written with borderless rules and time to fill. The girls push for a meaning that is hardly there, struggling to reach out, grab it, and lock it in a box. Sometimes the girls find themselves feeling as though they were more free before.

Honeycomb  ~ Feature Film

cinephile_complex_day_1 (480p).00_10_16_

Cinephile Complex  ~ Short Film

SHOT ON VHS. A group of film bros go on an exclusive weekend getaway. The girlfriends wonder why they never got an invitation?

Pitching CAMP

night trouble.png

Night Trouble  ~ Short Film

Stella comes home from her stay in Arizona expecting to hang with her old time best friends. she is caught off guard when her world is turned sideways right in front of her eyes. Her blood runs cold as she watches new girls seemingly take over the life of her hometown best friend. Her blood runs all over when she watches her own life taken in the same way.

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 10.33.26 PM.png

Eyes Still Closed  ~ Short Film

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