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we shot on 16 mm this weekend :)

I wrote this short story when I lived in the beachhouse on Quadra with Mari, Jillian, and Sophie. I was sitting by the fire, probably a couple beers deep. This was around early covid, with all the extra money and free time. It feels like it came from a nostalgic place in my own childhood, the beginning of an acceptance that I was actually growing up. So, I wrote this story and I shared it with Frances pretty recently. She got it, and she began to share her own writing with me. We ended up creating a script together, with the possibly temporary name Braces. It's about a 14-year-old girl who is having a really, really bad day. The thought with this shoot and the larger project to come is to show pure and innocent visuals paired with an incredibly disturbing inner monologue/voiceover.

Last weekend we shot a promo video for Braces on 16mm with Eily Sprungman

. Eily had a roll laying around from last summer after we ultimately had to ditch the idea of shooting Eyes Still Closed on film. With plans to expand Eily's reel and create a starter vision for my and Frances's project, the roll of film found a good home.

I casted from Instagram primarily. This was my first time working closely with actors I didn't know previously as friends. These girls ended up being the coolest (of course), and what a feeling it is to make friends out of a mutual love for film. Can't wait to share what we made. Hopefully we get some money to make our full scripted short. Shout out to the amazing actors and crew who came on to help out. Here's pictures!!!

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